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Second Look: X-Men: The Animated Series “Night of the Sentinels (Parts I & II)” – I Go Where I Wanna Go

xmen tas 1.1

As a child growing up in the 1990′s (I was born in 1987), I was a full victim to the renaissance of comic books and animated series; my weeks were filled with reading a plethora of Marvel and DC titles, and my Saturday mornings were dedicated to everything from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Darkwing Duck and Spider-Man. Predictably, X-Men: The Animated Series was among these, one of many Saban Entertainment productions that formed my love for low-tech television production (one I still held with me) – and like many, my journey began with “Night of the Sentinels”, a two-parter I first watched when it came on a VHS tape with my Pizza Hut dinner.

What strikes me about “Night of the Sentinels” (watching it as an adult some 20 years later), is just how subtly the show sets up a plethora of characters, while establishes a very distinct reality for them to live in. Opening with an homage to the Terminator films (a Sentinel tracks down foster child Jubilee, struggling to control her powers and reconcile with who she is), “Night of the Sentinels” slowly pulls back the lens, revealing a cast as colorful as the fireworks shooting out of her hands.

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