Review: New Girl ‘Pepperwood’ – I Stab And Stab

new girl s2 ep14

Just a couple quick thoughts on tonight’s New Girl episode:

New Girl is a show that likes to build its mythology and characters in a very Friends-like fashion. They’ve invented games, have recurring gags like the douchebag jar (which sits next to a new Annoyance Jar for Jess), and in ‘Pepperwood’, they reveal the things they talk behind each other’s backs about. They call their biggest pet peeves POGO’s, over Winston’s uncomfortable genital-to-genital exchanges he has around the house with everyone.

Of course, the trouble making these episodes interesting is making the undesirable traits seem believable to the character, since they are long established realities in their world, but new character details for the audience. We’ve never seen Schmdit’s clickety-clacks (and I hope we never do), and it’s a little hard to believe that he wouldn’t take care of his feet like everything else on his body, which is meticulously groomed in hyper feminine fashion most of the time. But for other characters – like Jess’s need to correct everyone – make sense for what we know about these characters, and ultimately, leads to funnier moments when the group POGO’s all convalesce into a kitchen fire at the end of the episode (“You have to smother it [the fire]… I would’ve told you, but I didn’t want to sound like a know it all!!!).

Nick Miller continues to be the star of the season, getting all the juicy moments and screen time mostly reserved for Schmidt last season. I wish the show had dug a little deeper into his POGO – the only depressing one in the group – but Julius Pepperwood and his private Google investigation into a creepy writer in Jess’s adult writing class are always good for a few laughs…. as is his own attempts t writing, of course.

There isn’t much to write about tonight, because ‘Pepperwood’ is a very low-key episode, mainly just more Nick and Jess touching, which will lead to many, many memes and GIFs over the next week as everybody continues to cream themselves over the now-inevitable pairing of Nick and Jess. Not that I think that’s a bad direction to go: as long as the show keeps their dynamic fun and energetic (as it is in their capers through the episode), we’ll keep enjoying their time together. I just wish it didn’t feel like such a deliberate collision course, however – at times, their interactions becoming distractedly obvious.

Grade: B

Other thoughts/observations:

– note for potential writers: ‘diddling oneself’ is not an attractive descriptor.

– I don’t want to know how much four models with protein deficiencies shed. Does not sound healthy.

– CeCe is getting a bit lost without a connection to Schmidt this season. She’s still Jess’s friend, of course, but she just kind of appears to be in a holding pattern, floating in the background until they decide what to do with her and Schmidt.

– Jess doesn’t believe gimp costumes are real. “But you’ve seen me in one,” Schmidt reminds her.

One thought on “Review: New Girl ‘Pepperwood’ – I Stab And Stab

  1. Great review, and you’re right Nick has definitely been the one to watch this season. He can one minute be hilarious, the next seem absolutely wounded. It seems to me so far this sophomore season has been even better than the first, which was absolutely fantastic.


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