Review: The Walking Dead ‘I Ain’t A Judas’ – Don’t Leave Out The Cardio

the walking dead s3 ep11

‘I Ain’t A Judas’ feels less like the show from the first half of this season, and more like something left over from the middle of season two. You remember those episodes: where characters argued, people questioned themselves and talked about the past, but nobody really did anything or came to any meaningful conclusions (Shane kills a man, then shaves his head! Lori’s doing something ridiculous! zombie barn!).

The episode is essentially Andrea’s confused journey between Woodbury and the prison, two factions ready to spill some of the other’s blood for mostly forgettable reasons. But Andrea doesn’t arrive with a plan for peace, or even some semblance of intelligent thought on what to do with the situations brewing in either camp. Half her time spent in the prison is looking and addressing each and every character in the group individually, with long shots staring into the worn faces of her former ‘family’.

From the beginning, it’s clear by Andrea’s furrowed brow that she’s got no idea what to do – and ultimately, she does nothing. 44 minutes on her big trip to the prison, and she ends up going back to Woodbury to have sex with The Governor, but not stab him in the throat. As the episode ends, she stands naked looking out the window and thinking… a familiar sight from last season that pops up all over the place in ‘I Ain’t A Judas’.

‘I Ain’t A Judas’ is a padding episode, pushing a few minor pieces around the table with some arbitrary dramatics and zombie decapitations. Tyreese and his group get a warm welcome from the Governor after revealing their time in the prison, and Rick decides to take Carl on his next run into town. That’s really all that happens in the episode that’s tangible… the rest is just confused Andrea face and Herschel getting emotional (and doing nothing except yelling for a few seconds). But with 16 episodes planned for the season (and playing out a conflict that could easily be handled in 10), there’s bound to be some dead spots through the season. ‘I Ain’t A Judas’ is one, a thoroughly average episode that depicts two seething factions in equally unexciting fashion.

Grade: C-

Other thoughts/observations:

– I’m all for a show slowing down for a few episodes, but there has to be a compelling reason. Andrea doing nothing is not really one of them.

– why didn’t anyone convince Andrea by saying “hey, he attacked Glen and Maggie, and was going to RAPE HER.”

– Michonne, if you want to show someone your feelings, put the damn sword down.

– Merle is completely unbelievable: not only does he read books (and the Bible! He’s got verses memorized!), but he goes from being locked up to part of the squad in about twelve seconds. Andrea gets patted down, Tyreese gets kicked out, but crazy Merle? “He’s got military experience.” All is forgiven!

2 thoughts on “Review: The Walking Dead ‘I Ain’t A Judas’ – Don’t Leave Out The Cardio

  1. The Walking Dead just hasn’t seemed to find the perfect balance of drama and zombies. It’s as if they exclusively gravitate towards one end of the spectrum for 1 episode and then move to the 2nd in the following episode. I understand the need to develop characters and add to the drama, but it’s as if sometimes they forget that it’s a show about zombies.


    1. The problem with a show about zombies is an inherent one: zombies themselves aren’t interesting. I think the show’s struggle in finding a clear tone and direction is the constant changes at the top of the creative pyramid (four seasons = four showrunners), and the pressure by AMC to be involved in the creative decisions. I had hope for the show when Glen Mazzara was in charge, but knowing he won’t be moving forward may prove troublesome, especially considering his replacements.


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