Weekend Review Roundup: Banshee/True Detective/The Walking Dead

Review links from this weekend’s reviews at TVOvermind, including the True Detective finale. Enjoy!


Banshee, “Bullets and Tears”

In case you were worried Banshee would continue the Rabbit/Ana story lines for another season, “Bullets and Tears” goes out of its way numerous times to point out this time, it’s life or death. These stakes are established from the kinetic opening sequence, following Job on a solo mission to New York to take on the big Ukranian cheese; when he fails, it sets the tone for the episode, setting the clock ticking on a number of the season’s climatic events.

read the full review at TVOvermind


True Detective, “Form and Void”

Back in my review of True Detective‘s opening hour – “The Long Bright Walk”, a title whose significance is revealed in the closing moments of “Form and Void” – I talked about the Holy Trinity and the parallels Nic Pizzolatto drew between Rust, Cohle, and the spaghetti man now known as Errol Childress, three men trying to outrun the devils within themselves. Combined with the visual palette and plethora of visual metaphors, True Detective established itself as a battle between good and evil – both in the world, and within the minds and lives of Marty and Rust (whose role as prophet in this Holy Trinity comes full circle in the Jesus walk he takes with Marty as they leave the hospital at the season’s close).

read the full review at TVOvermind


The Walking Dead, “Alone”

While I continue to enjoy the quieter, more reflective episodes of recent weeks, I’ve never been able to buy into The Walking Dead‘s sense of hope, a feeling often expressed by characters when settled into a central location. And despite it missing that final key ingredient (the illusion of safety), “Alone” is a very optimistic episode of The Walking Dead, even in its most dramatic moments; but as the shadow of Terminus looms larger and larger over each and every character, I can’t help but feeling like I’m being set up again.

read the full review at TVOvermind

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