Season premiere review: Rectify “Running with the Bull”

“Life is gift, man.” – Kerwin

As Daniel Holden’s life hangs in the balance, Rectify‘s second season premiere takes a look at the people in his orbit and how they’ve affected their lives in the week he’s returned (and as a product of this, their entire lives). Where the first season was primarily concerned with the mental state of Daniel – and with six episodes and an uncertain future, smartly maintained this narrow view – the opening hour of the show’s sophomore effort takes a much broader look at Paulie and the families still living in the shadow of Hannah’s death in 1994. As riveting and reflective as ever, “Running with the Bull” is the blossoming of the beautiful, disturbing flower that is Rectify, giving new depth to the many petals clinging (or for others, like Ted Jr.), and setting up what looks to be another fascinating (and extended – huzzah!) collection of episodes.

read the full review at Sound on Sight


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