Processed Media: Back From Summer Break

Hello everyone,

As I’m sure most of my regular readers have noticed, things have been more than quiet around here lately. Thanks to these things called “life” and “keeping a roof over my head” kept me from doing my normal summer coverage, be it the Emmys, some sweet Second Looks during the summer, or my occasional ruminations on other television-related topics.

Heading into another season of pilots and premieres (my fourth – it’s hard to believe it’s been four years since I started writing about television!), I’ve decided to keep things here at Processed Media going, with a few changes. There was a time this summer when I considered shutting down PM (and further, stepping out of the TV criticism game altogether), but a much-reduced workload this summer reminded me how much I love what I do, whether it’s writing about a shitty pilot, or talking with random people on Twitter about how awesome Abigail Spencer is on¬†Rectify¬†(seriously, she’s incredible on there).

So this fall, Processed Media lives on – with a few adjustments. I won’t be posting reviews to other sites here anymore; it’s too time-consuming, and really provides no value to anyone visiting the site on a regular basis. However, I will still be covering different shows this fall over here – an assortment of pilot reviews, weekly coverage, rants on various TV-related things, or random reviews of TV episodes I happen to watch, or shows I think are worth writing about.

In other words, this snarky motherfucker isn’t going anywhere – and in fact, I might be adding some other badass MF-ers under my umbrella in the next few months. That could include new projects, columns, or even new writers (a first for Processed Media; “expansion” has never really been my game)… through the fall season, I’m going to be experimenting with a lot of new things, seeing what sticks and doesn’t as I go along.

In short (for those fuckers that skipped from opening paragraph to close, knowing how long it takes me to get to the point), Processed Media (and myself) aren’t going anywhere. Keep your eyes posted for new stuff coming this week on Twitter and the Processed Media Facebook page: it’s a new era over here, and I can’t wait to show you guys some of the ballin’ shit I have planned (and for those wondering what I’m covering weekly this fall – I’ll have a post up about that soon).


Thanks for the continued support,




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